Introducing the Next Generation of Youth Pastors

They vape. They have tattoos. And they’re just about to graduate from college. Meet the next generation of youth pastors who are about to take the nation by storm. You thought Christianity was popular in the 00s? Just wait until you see what these Gen Z ministers have up their sleeves. You see, it was brought to our attention a few months ago that there is now something known as a ‘Christian Influencer.’ You’ve no doubt seen an example of this on your Tik Tok ‘For You’ page with people like and david.latting gaining popularity faster than the apostle Paul. But who exactly are these up and coming leaders that will lead the next generation to Christ?

We had the same question, so we sat down with a few of them to hear what brought them to their faith and why they decided to go into youth ministry. Here is what we found.

The first person we spoke with was Brianna Novak who is currently interning with Faith Bible Church in north Texas. We asked her when she knew that she wanted to be a youth pastor. “I didn’t grow up in the church like a lot of my friends. I only started going in college because it was mandatory,” she told us while whittling a wooden ichthus. “So this has been a radical change, but absolutely for the better. I feel like I have found my community at church and that’s why I’ve decided to pursue this career path. Plus, it pays a lot better than OnlyFans, no matter what you hear online.”

Next, we caught up with another youth pastor hopeful named Beans McKenzie who is currently serving abroad in Denmark for the summer. Apparently, Beans already has a job lined up for when he returns in the fall, so we asked him what he is most excited to teach. “God’s love is everywhere. You can see it in a smile or a rushing stream. Or the endless void of space. Personally, that’s what I worship more than any biblical figure – the void. It’s always there, it’s always watching, and it never leaves me. I hope one day to join that endless void in the same way that the saints did before me. So yeah, I’m super pumped to pass on that knowledge and fear to my students. You’re never too young to learn about the void.”

After our Skype call with Beans, we randomly bumped into some Christian influencers at the same Starbucks, so we asked them if they would be open to an interview. Apparently, they are triplets who go by the name of Trinity for the Trinity on Instagram and have been using their platform to reach almost 10 million followers. Each of them is now departing to start their own mission, but they are confident that they will still remain close and share knowledge with each other like some sort of triplet hive mind.

We asked them what they thought about the contradiction of being a Christian Capitalist and got the following responses. For reference, Rachel and Odessa are women and Killian is a man.

Rachel: “It’s the system we live within and theirs only so much we can do to avoid it. But I believe what the bible says, that money is the root of all evil and we shouldn’t let it control our lives. Brand sponsorships on the other hand.. well, a girl’s gotta eat.”

Odessa: “Our time as Christian influencers has given us a unique look into what kids today are struggling with and we think that’s why our messaging has been so successful with this demographic. They’re lost, alone, and looking for someone who loves them – who could be a better ‘bestie’ than Jesus?”

And finally, Killian: “Capitalism, like the Roman Empire, has an expiration date. Only God knows when that will be, but I pray for that day every night before bed. Our job is to look further, beyond these worldly things that keep us down. Unfortunately, without a swift end to the reign of capital, that future is slowly souring before our very eyes, which is ultimately great for new converts but not necessarily the longevity of the church.

As you can see, for those of you who have kids out there that you want to attend church, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The future is bright.


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