Quiz: What Kind of Teen Boy Are You?

Quiz time! For the last 100 years, the human race has been blessed with the existence of teen boys. You might not realize this, but until that point, boys were children until they were men. It wasn’t until James Dean wore that leather jacket that the idea of being a teen even could materialize in the eyes of the American public. Nowadays, it’s easy to forget this when we have all manner of teen boys defining themselves how they want and creating whole new sub-genres of this freshly defined age. And now that we have so many types of teen boys, such as sports boys, soft boys, and e-boys, it’s now time for you to figure out which one you are. So – what kind of teen boy are you?

First question – given the option, would you rather listen to Tyler the Creator, Radiohead, Bach, or Billie Eilish?

Second question – given the option, would you rather watch a film by Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, or Céline Sciamma?

Third question – given the choice, would you rather participate in a musical production, a flash mob, a time-travel quest, or a sports competition?

Fourth question – of the following, which is your most used social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Blorgspo?

Fifth question – when confronted with the thoughts of your own mortality, are you more likely to eat a hamburger, go for a drive, exercise, or hang out with friends to bring you back down to Earth?

Oh, by the way, there’s no buttons to actually answer these. You see, we have a new eye-tracing technology that already knows what you picked in your mind. So just keep reading and we’ll give you the results at the end. Remember, there’s no wrong answers.

Sixth question – of your family members, who would you like to see live the longest: your mother, your father, your sister, or your brother?

Seventh question – if given the choice, which career would you choose if it paid well: hired assassin, border patrol agent, mortician, or a politician?

Eighth question – what gives you the right? (This is an essay question. No more than 500 words)

Ninth question – when going on a date, do you take them to Taco Bell, a fancy local restaurant, the Varrock Museum, or church?

Tenth question – having been in your body for upwards of 13 years, do you think that the soul is part of you, separate from you, nonexistent, or something humans will never truly comprehend?

Thank you for your responses. Your identity has been stolen and is no longer yours to own. Good luck!


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