I Work for The Joker as His Playing Card Consultant – Ask Me Anything

(Gotham, USA) Hey everyone – my name is Grass and I am a henchman of the Joker, who I have been employed by for the last 5 years. Recently, I was promoted to a more prestigious position after proving myself at the Central Bank Heist when I made the hostages dance to Cotton Eyed Joe for the duration of the robbery. Now, my job title is ‘Playing Card Consultant’ and I spent most of my time shopping online, picking arrangements, and diving into the world of playing card fonts, colors, and style. Since people often ask me a ton of questions when I tell them what I do, I thought I’d try to answer some here to give people a better idea of how I spent my time.

Ask me anything!

What exactly does a ‘playing card consultant’ do?
Great question – and probably the one I get asked the most. If you’re familiar with the Joker’s rap sheet, you likely already know that my boss has a thing for the theatrics. Whether it is hanging a Batman lookalike in front of the mayor’s office or lighting a pile of money on fire, there’s always going to be some sort of pageantry involved in the Joker’s dealings. My job is to find just the right Joker playing card for the situation. Or in the case of that judge, a lot of Joker cards.

What background did you have that made you qualified for this job?
I used to work at a casino as a blackjack dealer until the Joker robbed it and took me prisoner, so I have a good experience with playing cards and all their variations. Honestly I do miss getting to work with the other cards, but there is enough variety in Joker cards to keep me busy.

What’s the worst part of the job?
It is a time-consuming task to open hundreds upon hundreds of playing card deck only to pull out the two Joker cards and discard the rest. I tried to keep the rest of the decks because I didn’t want them to go to waste, but when the boss found out he installed an incinerator and told me to ‘stop wasting time with that nonsense.’ But then, when I asked him if we could just buy Joker cards in bulk, he told me that would ‘take the fun out of it and ruin the illusion.’

What is something people don’t know about working with the Joker?
He views the whole concept of the Joker as a performative art piece and can snap in and out of the Joker persona at will.

What’s your favorite playing card brand?
I’ve always been weak in the knees for a good Bicycle deck, but the boss thinks their Joker cards are boring. We actually started buying from a brand called KEM recently that he likes, but I’m more of a Tally-Ho guy myself.

Whose that behind you?
What?! Oh god, I’ve said too much. I knew this day would co-


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