OOPSIES: Week of February 6th, 2017

This week’s retractions and corrections column, colloquially known as the “Weekly OOPSIES,” has come under the jurisdiction of the Trump White House Administration of Information Dissemination and Disintegration given the nature of a particular article published on Monday which concerns the metamorphosing state of Vice President Mike Pence. With the exception of the account of your walk in the park on Wednesday, which was confirmed to contain no hyperbole or fallacy by a credible third party source, all reports made by Eritas Daily in the week of February sixth to February tenth two thousand seventeen, should be considered unreliable, foolhardy, and false by way of negative tone/opinion.

In order to restore factual foundation, all those who have come under the influence of these ludicrous reports are urged by legal mandate to visually ingest the following video which has been provided free of charge by the White House Room of Reeducation.

For love of Leader and Country,
Garth Vilvin, Head of Public Correspondence, TWHAIDD

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