Find Out How People Across All 50 States Say “Happy 4th of July”


As we all know, July 4th marks America’s Independence Day, celebrated across the land in remembrance of when we were like ‘later England’ and signed a sheet of paper. Not like we ever shut up about it, am I right? In honor of this special occasion, we are letting you in one a little bit of Fun Knowledge for you to spread around this Summer season. Come find out how people in all 50 states wish each other a Happy 4th of July, or as our friends in Tennessee say, “Enjoy the Bread of Your Beloved.”

Alabama: “Delicious Tide Today, Neighbor!”

Alaska: “Seek Further Horizons.”


Arkansas: “Happy Wal Mart!”

California: “Look to the Coming of the Night.”

Colorado: “Welcome to the Region, Enjoy the Snow.”

Connecticut: “Oh great Spirit, Ascend!”

Delaware: “No Such Thing As Tax Fraud.”

Florida: “Is that Fireworks or a Gunshot?”

Georgia: “Run!”

Hawaii: “Surfs up for America, my friend.”

Idaho: “Remember the Farm.”

Illinois: “Happy Day of the Destroyer!”

Indiana: “Been to Indianapolis?”

Iowa: “Corn Time!”

Kansas: “It’s That Time Again!”

Kentucky: “Haw Yee!”

Louisiana: “We Won’t Bury You, But You’ll Get Buried.”

Maine: “Look Out for that Lighthouse!”

Maryland: “When the Time Comes, We Are Ready!”

Massachusetts: “Happy 4th of Jul-Beans.”

Michigan: “Don’t Get Lost in the Woods!”

Minnesota: “Someone Come Find Me.”

Mississippi: “Void! Void! Void!”

Missouri: “Heartland of Heritage.”

Montana: “Sky’s the Limit!”

Nebraska: “Corn Time 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

Nevada: “Gamble Your Life Away!”

New Hampshire: “Go Back to Forgetting About Us.”

New Jersey: “Danny Devito to You, Good Sir,” which of course the response is “Danny Devito to You, Kind Madam,” regardless of gender.

New Mexico: “Don’t Look to Closely at our Rocks! No, Stop! Don’t Look at the Rocks!”

New York: “Yankee Doodle Dandy!”

North Carolina: “Tweet Your Senators!”

North Dakota: “We Must Become Canada!”

Ohio: “Happy 4th, You Jabroni.”

Oklahoma: “Yee Hoo!”

Oregon: “Meet me Under the Elm.”

Pennsylvania: “The Sun! The Sun! Launch me to the Sun!”

Rhode Island: “Succumb to the Sludge!”

South Carolina: “Steal the Land!”

South Dakota: “This is Stolen Land!”

Tennessee: “Enjoy the Bread of Your Beloved.”

Texas: *Shouting over explosions*

Utah: “Look Out for the Lake!”

Vermont: “Help Me Out of this Tree!”

Virginia: “We Fought the Civil War and We’ll Do it Again.”

Washington: “You Didn’t See That!”

West Virginia: “WV Means Family Sticks Together.”

Wisconsin: “Happy Cheese Day!” but to be fair, this is an everyday greeting.

Wyoming: “Commit a Murder, No One Will Hear It!”

Wow! That’s all for now. “Succumb to the Sludge!” as they say.

This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who


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