Birds in a Bath? Now That’s My Kind of Content!


Just look at those little scrunchos! Wow, now that’s content you can believe. Content you can count on. I look at that and I say, “That’s Content, Baby!” in my most jubilant tone. Today, I am here to share with you the most delightful kind of content there is, my personal favorite in fact: birds in a bath. By the end of this, you will hopefully have learned something more about birds, baths, and maybe even yourself. Now, without further ado, it’s Bird Time™


Bam, a good one right off the bat.


Look at these peeps just hanging out, splashing, enjoying the summer fun. You get it, y’all. You get it.


Oh snap, another one!


And what’s this, an action shot?


Call that double trouble.


Now, before we go further, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s a little bit shy, so don’t make any loud noises, but get a load of this cutie pie.


Are you serious right now? Are you kidding? Absolutely foolish and despicable how cute that bird is. Damn damn damn. I’m losing my mind with this. The content is too good!


Here’s a small one.


Wait, how did she get in there? Oh well, she’s cute anyway. She can be part of the bird club as long as she promises not to eat any of her fellow members. It will be difficult, but ultimately worth it.


Nearing the end here, although I could honestly do this for hours, we have the bird council. The silent watchers of mankind.


They are in charge of all major decisions in regards to bird law, bird order, and bird parks and recreation. They also decide who goes to heaven and who to hell, so we recommend you don’t piss them off.


Finally, we have for you the ultimate content.


The chaos, the precision, the absolute focus in those dark, beady little eyes. I’ve never felt this way about anything before. I think I’m finally happy.


I hope that this has brought a little bit of joy into your life. And if it hasn’t, here’s one more shot at capturing that spark.


Ah, there you are serenity, I’ve found you at last.





This was written, directed, and performed by Nathan Ellwood, who ate the last KitKat bar. Follow him @NPEllwood if you want tips on where the next one will be.


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