Accidental Ally? Local Arby’s Enters 4th Consecutive Pride Month Following Clerical Error


While most businesses are quick to jump ship as soon as the clock strikes midnight on July 1st, one company has continued forward in celebration of LBGTQ+ pride through both July and August. As they enter the fourth month of solidarity, community members and business leaders alike have started to wonder exactly what the big idea is and why Arby’s has decided to just go for it. “I’m all for celebrating Pride,” a particularly stingy city council member explained to us. “But there is a time a place for it. Without the rules that govern society being enforced, how are any of us supposed to get anything done?” So, what’s the truth? Which side should you believe? Well, if the people of the LBGTQ+ community have taught us anything, it’s that we should stop believing in binaries, gender or otherwise.


Here at Eritas Daily, we celebrate Pride year ’round, but we still decided to follow the story and see exactly how Arby’s became an accidental ally. As that is what this all turned out to be, an accident. Sorry for the spoiler, but we don’t want to give Arby’s too much credit here. If anything, you should be giving us credit for cooking up this hot story.


Anyways, here’s what happened. Around 6 months ago, one Natalie Michaels was going about her job, taking inventory and filling our ordering forms to keep the Arby’s that she assistant-managed afloat. After all, as Natalie’s boss always said, “you can’t just keep selling customers your left shoe and call it a business.” This was of course in reference to the fact that Arby’s was once exclusively a left-shoe dealer, only having recently switched to whatever it is they do now. While the metaphor had gone over Natalie’s head, she always remember the lesson.


Apparently too well, in fact, as, not wanting to cause any unseemly disruptions to the business, Natalie decided to order just a few extra things in preparation from Pride month. When we spoke with her about it for this story, she had this to say. “Yeah, I am actually bi myself, so of course I wanted to help out. Unfortunately, when I hit the ‘2x’ marker on the screen to double the order, it accidentally entered ’20x’ instead. I probably should have noticed, but I was too worried about a date I was going on that night,” she sighed. “Now we just have to pretend Pride month is still happening until we run out of these themed bags and sandwich containers.”


“At first I thought it would be a disaster and I would have to let Natalie go,” owner of this and five other Arby’s Cliff Clipper told us. “But then, people start coming in more and more because of the flag we had left up. I mean, this is an Arby’s, OK? 3-4 customers at a time is already a handful. We are talking about 10-20 customers an hour at some points. They were supporting us more than ever. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have pride all year too.” We hope that they do too.


Makes you wonder, is it Popeyes and Chick-fil-A that should be fighting, or Arby’s and Chick-fil-A? Think about that with your big brain.






This was written by Nathan Ellwood, who has been feeling like he’s got the morbs lately. Look it up. Follow him @NPEllwood.

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