A Conversation with You Two


Are you ready for some exciting news? OK, here goes nothing. There’s another you out there. Yes, you read that correctly. This other you is not someone from another dimension or anything, this is simply another you that has been living their life in parallel with you. They are just like you and completely different from you at the same time. Here at the office, we’ve affectionately named them You Two. Now, for a variety of reasons, You Twos often try to remain secretive to their doubles or flat out ignore their existence. But today, in the name of journalism, I am sitting down with my You Two to have a conversation and see whether or not the world ends or simply expands.


Here goes nothing.


Both our author and his double enter the room, sitting down across from each other at a typical interrogation table. They spend 2-3 minutes simply staring at each other, taking in the slight differences in appearance and studying the glaring similarities. 


Me: Hello there. Looking good. 


Me Two: This is no time for jokes. Who are you?


Me: What do you mean? I’m you, just different. 


Me Two: So what does that make me, your double? Or are you mine? I don’t believe in that sort of thing, but I want to know what kind of delusion you are under before we proceed. 


Me: I think we’re both originals and both doubles. We’ve just been calling you my You Two because we didn’t have another name for you, but maybe that was foolish. Maybe we’re just two unique people that share more than most. Why don’t you believe we’re connected? I can’t seem to think of a better explanation. 


Me Two: I don’t know and I don’t care, but I don’t trust you. I’m not even sure you are real. 


The author reaches his hand across the table to shake his double’s hand, proving his realness. 


Me Two: That proves nothing. You are a fool with strings being pulled like a marionette. I want to get back to my life. This is a waste of time.


Me: I just want to better understand you, why are you being so difficult? Are you not me? Am I not you? I want to make this work. 


Me Two: To what end?


Me: I just want a friend who understands me. 


Me Two: You’re looking in the wrong place pal. I’m going to go drink until I forget this ever happened. 


Me: Can I join? 


Me Two, after a pause: Sure, why the hell not. 


With that, I got up and walked with my You Two down to a local pub. We didn’t exchange any more words, but I felt like we connected on a deep level as we knocked back beers. By the time I left, I knew that I was different now too. I knew that something had changed deep within me and maybe even within him too. I may not ever see him again, but I’m glad I made the effort regardless.


Please don’t take this as encouragement to seek out your own You Two, but if you do, just be prepared for what comes after. You never know what meeting you will be like and it may change the original you, whoever that is, in ways you don’t expect.


Like we said earlier, you’ve been warned.


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