How to Prepare for Super Worm Moon 2020


Have you been keeping track of the moon? If you haven’t, you might not know that this evening, our beautiful moon will be going into super mode and blessing us with vengeful tides and disturbed sleeping schedules. But the fun doesn’t end there. Being that this is March and near the beginning of Spring, tonight’s super moon will also be known as a worm moon. As you may remember, the previous worm moon left hundreds dead and many are still in morning. So, to prevent a disaster like that from happening again, we’ve put together a guide for how to prepare for this year’s super worm moon.


First, you’re going to need a lot of worms. And I mean A LOT. We’re talking 2,000 minimum. Thankfully, there’s plenty of places to buy worms online, so you still have time to order some for tonight’s big event.


Next, you’re going to need a place for these worms to be exposed to the moon. Preferably a fire pit or another similar structure in your backyard. Something that can stand the weight of thousands of writhing worms.


Then, and this is important so pay attention, you will want to conduct the following ritual. At midnight, you will kneel before the moon above and ask for her blessing. If she grants it to you, the worms before you will begin to grow together into one large super worm. How you command this super worm is completely up to you, but it will now be under your control.


Trust us though, you will need it. Now that you have received the super worm moon’s blessing, those who would oppose her will be after you. We aren’t sure exactly what sort of creatures are currently on the outs with the moon, but last we heard it was mainly large cats and rodents, so be on the lookout. Thankfully the rodents will at least provide some nourishment for your super worm.


But yeah, basically once you have the super worm to protect you, you should be safe from the super worm moon and it’s various disturbances of our reality. Sure, there might be some serious deaths that occur, but for the most part it will just be another night.


Once the moon changes again, your super worm will return to it’s original form and the worms will disperse back to where they came from. Don’t worry, they’ll remember this night fondly and come to you in your time of need. You just simply need to ask them for aid when you need it.


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