We Put the Scripts of All 5 Final Destination Movies Into a Bot & This is What We Got

We begin the film with a spooky version of the New Line Cinema logo crashing through a pane of glass, which then fall to the ground to spell out the words Destination Final. Seconds later, the glass is run over by a truck tire and we pan up to find ourselves on a busy street in the middle of downtown London. The camera follows the truck as it makes its way through town until we are before the London Eye, with a group of strangers boarding the large ferris wheel in order to take in the sights. The most famous actor of the group looks around nervously, waiting on his boyfriend to join him on the ride. Just as he is about to board himself, James (the main character) receives a vision.

In the vision, his boyfriend shows up and apologizes for being late. Together, Kenny (his boyfriend) and James get into the cart and are about halfway up when the first signs of trouble begin. The cart ahead of them lurches forward in dramatic fashion, dropping a screw directly into Kenny’s lap.

“That’s not a good sign,” remarks Kenny, as a horrified James looks on. That’s when they see the giant storm cloud moving in fast.

The first cart to drop is the one just below them, surprisingly, with the annoying couple from behind James in line inside of it. Next, someone directly across from them, someone they had met up with at a pub earlier, screams aloud as their cart dramatically falls to the ground, exploding in a seemingly impossible electrical malfunction.

And then, another screw falls in Kenny’s lap and the laughs stop. The cart above them topples, completely unhinged, and falls clattering down onto the cart they are inhabiting. James reaches out to catch Kenny just in time as the cart is sliced in two. Kenny looks at James in love and then fear, as he sees the next cart coming crashing down. Just as he is about to let go, it crashes into both of them, sending them flying to the pavement below.

James wakes up back in line, waiting for Kenny to show up. He sees the people that they met up with them just about to board the wheel and realizes that he had a vision of the future. He starts yelling for people to get of line and convinces his friends, along with a few others from around the line, to not get on the wheel. He continues searching for someone who could shut down the ride before the catastrophe happens, but he is too late. It happens regardless, only they cheated death and now death is coming for them.

And well, I think you know what happens next.


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