New Line Cinema Announces ‘Final Destination 6’ Will Take Place Entirely on Tik Tok

(Hollywood, CA) It’s safe to say that the last year has been tough for the film industry with theaters closing due to Covid-19 and streaming services gaining even more of a foothold in the market. Now, as things start to move closer to normalcy, production studios are trying new and innovative ideas to stay ahead and remain relevant. We’ve already seen this with Warner Brothers releasing their movies through HBO MAX and Paramount buying the rights to Tom Cruise’s body, but one company is trying something wholly original. According to a press release from New Line Cinema, the upcoming installment in the Final Destination series will take place entirely on Tik Tok.

“We believe that we are at the head of the curve with this undertaking,” announced CEO and President of New Line, Weather Simpson. “Our film will be the first to take place entirely on social media and it will allow our viewers to each have a unique experience. I can’t say too much more about the film without giving away spoilers, but be sure to check your For You page this Summer to make sure you don’t miss the action.”

From what we can discern from the press release and later press conference is that actors from the film will each start showing up in Tik Tok’s leading up to the films’ release. Then, at some point, a tragic event will occur – something like the bridge collapse or plane crash from the other movies.

At this point, the actors will start merging into a central hub of creators that are watching the horrors of the tragic event on their feeds, seeing themselves die, only to realize that they are the victims of this tragedy and it hasn’t occurred yet. It’s up to them to defy death.

Over the course of the movie, death will come for each of them as they try to escape their fate. As each character dies, their feed gets cut off until the last remaining creator emerges scathed yet alive. Or so we assume, considering the formula is tried and true at this point.

“The most exciting part,” the press release states, “is that no one will know who is an actor and who is just another Tik Tok-er caught up in the mix. We are purposefully not revealing the cast list so that the experience can feel real to viewers. Especially when death starts knocking on their own door.”

Although it sounds like this will be hard to pull off and the story sounds incredibly fragmented, we honestly can’t wait to see what this film is like and if it will be the start of a new trend or another gimmick lost to the ages. Only time will tell.


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