Linkin Park Renames Themselves LinkedIn Park Following New Sponsorship Deal

2020 is the year of change, especially when it comes to band names. From The Dixie Chicks rebranding to The Chicks to Lady Antebellum becoming Performative Wokeness, there has been a bizarre number of bands changing it up and keeping it fresh. The latest in this trend is everyone’s favorite pseudo-nu-metal band, Linkin Park. Now, unlike the previously mentioned groups, the boys of Linkin Park aren’t changing their name due to a racist history, but in pursuit of cold hard cash. With all that said, let us be the first to tell you that Linkin Park is now LinkedIn Park.

“After the Linda acquisition, we just knew that LinkedIn was the place for us,” explained frontman Mike Shinoda. “We’ve grown a lot as musicians over the last 20 years and we think that it’s time for our brand to reflect this new professionalism that we are shooting for. LinkedIn gave us that opportunity, so we took it.”

Unfortunately, not everyone shares Shinoda’s enthusiasm. Drummer Robert Gregory Bourdon had this to say when we reached out to him regarding the change in name. “This kind of shit would never fly in Calabasas. I miss Hoobastank, I should have hung out with them more, maybe people would actually know my name.”

Brad Delson, lead guitarist and hearthrob of the band, shares Bourdon’s hesitation. “I just never thought my name would be associated with a business networking solution. What’s punk about that? What’s rock and roll about that? If this affects my other sponsorship deals, I’m gonna be pissed.”

Although they might have reservations, after the money starts flowing in, that might change. Long-time manager Rob McDermott is confident that cash will speak louder than words, especially when that word is LinkedIn vs. Linkin. “Just mumble it if you care so much,” Rob told us over the phone. “No one’s going to be able to tell the difference!”

Dave Farrell AKA Phoenix, never a man of words beyond backing vocals, thought the idea sounded ‘chill.’ “Hey man, whatever it takes to get me that cold hard cash. We could be called Peppa Pig Park for all I care.”

And even though the band itself is split on the decision, fans everywhere are loving the move, with thousands streaming Crawling as a a sign of support. Not only that, but LinkedIn’s stock has been skyrocketing following the announcement. Looks like it might pay off for everyone in the long run after all.


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