Eritas Daily Proudly Presents 2019’s Top Five Sexiest Halloween Costumes


Ya girl is BACK with 2019’s TOP FIVE SEXIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. If you missed the first two, move past it, we got things to discuss.


1. Sexy Whistle Blower: For this costume, you can feel free to be a bit imaginative, but with the very helpful, New York Times-endorsed guideline of C.I.A. officer vibes. Grab your tightest pencil skirt, your push-upiest bra, and get to work! Worried nobody will get your costume? Wear a referee whistle around your neck!


2. Sexy Elizabeth Warren: What’s sexier than a woman with moral backbone and a plan? Get out on that campaign trail with you sensible outfit, your wire-frame glasses, your adorable dog, and kick some bigoted rear-end! Bonus points for this costume can be made by carrying around the necessary paperwork to register your fellow partygoers to vote, because nothing is sexier than fulfilling your civic duties🇺🇸😜


3. Sexy Cancel Culture: Pick a celeb who you just CANNOT COPE WITH, and make a sexy costume of them! Be warned: this costume is not for the faint of heart, as you will have a lot of manslpaining “Um acccctually” comments to deal with.


4. Sexy Four Loco: For the party goer who just wants you to know that they like to get SLOPPY*. Grab a thrift store tube dress and some puffy paint and go to town making yourself look like your favorite flavor! For a little extra kick to this costume, carry around your route 44 cup and just keep refilling it (sometimes with water – hydration is important!) throughout the night.


5. Sexy Joker: lol JUST KIDDING. Sexy Joker? Come on.


*Seriously though, be smart. If you’re going to get sloppy, get a cab, or a ride from a sober friend. Regardless of what/how much you choose to drink, do not drink anything that has left your sight. Watch out for each other and have a Happy Halloween!





This article was put together by Maggs, who is going to spend HER Halloween watching Hocus Pocus. She genuinely hopes that each and every one of you have a lovely Halloween.


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