The Prophecy That Was Foretold is Coming True


Each day, the end of the world comes closer and closer in a multitude of different ways. From the beginning of time, we have known that this day would come and scholars throughout the ages have hypothesized what the end would look like. So far, none of them have gotten it right. Nuclear weapons haven’t killed us, plagues haven’t claimed us, global warming is working on it, but nothing yet has permanently sent us over the edge. Now, in just the first few days of 2020, we might finally have our answer. An ancient prophecy, one that has largely been discounted, might finally be coming true. And with it, the end of the world as we know it.


“There is an ancient prophecy originally given to us by the doomsayer Dina Mordukian, a noble woman from the plains, who told us that two people with reach beyond their worth would usher in the Era of Screams,” explained the scholar we found at the library who originally brought our attention to this matter. “It was said that the two would leave their child here on the Earth and ascend to the heavens, never to return. It would be up to the child to use the tools their parents left it to find them once again in the stars.”


“And you think this prophecy is coming true?” we asked with the correct degree of skepticism.


“Oh yes,” the scholar responded. “I believe it has already begun and none of us will be able to stop it.”


“Please, oh wise one, tell us more.”


“I cannot, for knowing too much will be the end of me. However, I will say that the news of the coming child has already been announced and ridiculed far and wide. Those who ridicule the child now will be the first to meet their wrath when he begins looking for ways to escape. Even telling you this, I fear for my own well-being.”


“Dear God,” we whispered. “What can we do? There must be something that we can be done.”


“Nothing can be done now. Either the prophecy doesn’t come true or it does. All we can do is hope for the best and plan for the worst.”


As someone who trusts scholars unconditionally, especially ones we find in the deep sections of the library, we believe that soon more of our eyes will be opened to the coming horrors described in the Prophecy of Screams.


Our advice? Hug your loved ones today, for tomorrow, we prepare.



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